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We Believe

Okea Ururoa

Our voyages of discovery offer our youth the chance to discover what is possible to achieve in their life. Through experiential learning comes personal growth and development, through teamwork comes confidence and courage, through the acceptance of cultural diversity comes enrichment and a greater understanding of heritage. Through the teachings passed on by the waka community comes a sense of belonging and purpose. We offer life-changing experiences. Ultimately we will give each and every voyager a special gift. To believe in themselves.


Inspired by the feats of our Pacific ancestors

For five years the sailing waka Hinemoana traveled across the Pacific Ocean as part of an international fleet of seven modern day traditional pacific voyaging canoes reviving the knowledge of their voyaging ancestors.

Their one united, simple message to the world is a message of preserving, protecting, sustaining and learning.

In 2014 Hinemoana returned home to Aotearoa NZ and in 2016 began youth development & leadership voyages in the relatively protected waters of the east coast of the North Island. These voyages are not just a great adventure. These voyages are life changing.

Learn what it means to believe in yourself

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